Communities That Care CLT (CTC-CLT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit property developer based in Gainesville, Florida, serving Alachua County.

 OUR MISSION: To develop diverse communities of owner-occupied housing which support low to moderate income working families and individuals, ensuring affordability.

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Meet the Board

Gary Hankins, President

Scott Winzeler, Vice-President

Scott Winzeler, Vice-President

Retired physician and acting Executive Director

Scott Winzeler, Vice-President

Scott Winzeler, Vice-President

Scott Winzeler, Vice-President

Executive Director, Alachua Habitat for Humanity

Karen Brown, Secretary

Scott Winzeler, Vice-President

Karen Brown, Secretary

VP for Housing, Meridian Mental Health

Anne Ray, Corresponding Secretary

Anne Ray, Corresponding Secretary

Anne Ray, Corresponding Secretary

 Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse Manager, UF Shimberg Center for Housing Studies 

Kip Harrison, Treasurer

Anne Ray, Corresponding Secretary

Anne Ray, Corresponding Secretary

President, Capital City Bank

Nkwanda Jah, Member at Large

Anne Ray, Corresponding Secretary

Nkwanda Jah, Member at Large

Executive Director, 

Community Arts Coalition, Inc.

Nancy Hardt, Member at Large

Greg McGann, Member at Large

Nkwanda Jah, Member at Large

Founder, Alachua County Moble Health Clinic

Greg McGann, Member at Large

Greg McGann, Member at Large

Greg McGann, Member at Large

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Anne Polo, Member at Large

Greg McGann, Member at Large

Greg McGann, Member at Large

Project Manager, Sherer Construction

Dale Harris, Member at Large

President, Pleasant Street Historical Society

what is a community land trust and what does it do?

 A community land trust is a nonprofit corporation that develops and stewards affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community.  A CLT is a tool that creates a public space where individual citizens can collaborate to influence both the shape and pace of development in their neighborhood. It is a means by which a community can build local community wealth and make home ownership accessible to families otherwise excluded for the private housing market.

Here is how the CLT works to promote home ownership (the Shared Equity Model):

  •   A community land trust acquires land and homes from private and public donors with the purpose of keeping them permanently affordable. Individual homebuyers buy the homes on land owned by the CLT (they share the equity). The buyers get mortgage financing to purchase the home, just like a regular homebuyer.
  •   The CLT continues to own the land and leases it to the homebuyer for a nominal monthly fee. That lowers the price for the buyer, since the family is only paying for the cost of the house. 
  •   The CLT and homebuyer formalize their partnership through the signing a ground lease that lays out both parties’ rights and responsibilities, and a resale formula for the home with a set appreciation rate. 
  •   When a homeowner decides to sell, the house is sold back to the CLT for a price based on the resale formula. The price doesn’t include the appreciation of the land, since the CLT owns the land. That’s the key to permanent affordability: it allows the CLT to sell the home to the next buyer at an affordable price, without including any upswings in land value, in perpetuity.
  •   At the time of home sale private or public subsidy invested in building the property is returned to the CLT. This preserves the subsidy to the benefit of the next buyer.
  •  Public affordable housing programs such as the SHIP program and local affordable housing trust funds can help lower the costs for land acquisition and construction, and provide down payment assistance for home buyers.
  •   The CLT provides vital stewardship services to home owners including home management and financial counseling before the purchase, post-purchase guidance and foreclosure prevention services if they need it. 


CTC-CLT Development Plan

The CLT is a young organization in the process of building capacity and raising operational funding. We hope to start our first property development project in 2020. When we are ready to accept applications for the purchase of CLT homes, the announcement will be published on this site. Please stay tuned.

Confronting Heirs Property

Heirs property involves land passed down without a will to more than one heir. This situation is common among poor, black families. Under these conditions the property can end up in Probate Court where a single heir can request the sale of the property against the wishes of other heirs some of whom may be living on it. This "forced sale" of real estate is a common cause of property loss among the poor. It is also a major factor in leading to the acquisition of land by developers seeking to "redevelop" traditional, poor neighborhoods in city centers resulting is neighborhood disruption and displacement of low income residents. As a part of its stewardship to the local community the CTC-CLT has developed Heirs Property Pilot Project. The Project seeks to provide both information and access to legal consultation in the traditional African-American neighborhoods of Alachua County, Florida.

CTC-CLT donors - subscribers - Sponsors/supporters


Frank Williams

Tony Barr

Gary Hankins

Greg McGann

Gerri Otim

Sandra Powers

Capital City Bank

Lydia B. Stokes Foundation


Karen Brown

Kim Hankins

Heather Ivanov

Anne Ray

Scott Winzeler


Alachua County Board of County Commissioners

City of Gainesville

Conservation Clinic - University of Florida College of Law

Florida Community Design Center

Florida Housing Coalition

Gainesville-4-all (James Lawrence)

The Gainesville Sun

Lawton Jackson

United Way of North Central Florida

University of Florida Shimberg Center for Housing Studies

Randy Wells


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